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1998 to 2010: iPrint Systems, Inc. (, Redwood City, California.

Graphic Designer/Art Department Manager/Marketing Specialist


• Solved technological problems with the graphics on website that were causing orders to misprint,

   saving the company money

• Reorganized the graphics department, supervising five designers. Improved the workflow and

   department morale, relations between the graphics team and other departments. Fostered an

   atmosphere of teamwork and mutual support that speeded project completion.

• Maintained graphic continuity through three merger/acquisition/reorganizations.

• Teamed with management in redesign of the company website

• Responsible for creation and management of web graphics for e-commerce sites

• Organized product photo shoots, image processing in Photoshop, for web and print

• Designed and created catalogs for web and print

• Created and managed email campaigns

• Designed web site mockups for RFPs

• Developed product design templates used by customers of the online print shop

• Worked under tight timelines as part of creative and engineering teams


Consulting and contracting: 2010 to present:


• Creating original web site designs, wireframes and full mockups, web banners,

   ads, and other web graphics that reflect recent trends and express the clients’ businesses

• Using Photoshop to create mockups with labeled layered files for developers to code

• Using Adobe Muse and Wordpress to create functional websites

• Designing mobile app design and specialized graphics for apps

• Building client’s businesses with effective email campaigns

• Supporting clients’ businesses with marketing collateral

• Designing attractive packaging

• Logo design and brand implementation

• Creating coordinating business cards, stationery, letterhead

• Designing and writing original newspaper supplements for the Deseret News


Part time contracting at Fifth Press in Salt Lake City since November 2011

• Designing books and covers

• Created and maintain the company website

• Established and maintain the company social media presence

• Designing print ads for magazines



• BS in Art Education from Rhode Island College, Providence, RI

• Master’s degree from EDS, Cambridge, MA




Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC,Acrobat CC, Dreamweaver CC, Muse, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, Flash, WordPress, Yesmail, MailChimp, Hypermail


Additional Skills

• Creative design, up to date with design trends and best practices

• Drawing, illustration

• Photography


• Knowledge of specialized graphic formats

• Writing, editing, and proofreading

• Publishing

• Knowledge of various types of printing processes

• Management and organization

• Teaching

• Strong interpersonal skills


Volunteer Work

2010 to 2013: Rowland Hall School—parent volunteer

2011 to present: Cathedral Church of St. Mark—website design and weekly maintenance


Personal Interests

In my free time I enjoy drawing, painting, photography, writing, gardening, cooking what I grow,

walking, and traveling with my family. Additionally, I enjoy acquiring new software skills. I am currently working on mastering HTML5 and CSS3.